The ProShark CyberSecurity team takes a holistic view and believes in preventing cybercrime before it happens. How do we do that? We don’t wait for someone to try and break-in. We work to find them before they do. Our premier cybersecurity team monitors and alerts when intrusion activity is detected. More importantly, they proactively monitor web and dark web traffic and chatter.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While email is easily the most cost effective method for reaching customers and can be highly targeted to serve as a platform to build your consumer pipeline, it has to be done correctly. Most marketers do not have the expertise to manage email effectively which leads to a poor experience and negative image creation for the client.

Reputation Management
Trust is the reason that reputation management is so important. When you buy online, why is it that you buy from one vendor and not another? If there is a significant difference between the price of a product or service on one site, you may chance it and hope that you get what you paid for. If the difference is moderate however, you will most likely buy from a known vendor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is still the new marketing. Because SEO algorithms change on a regular basis, there is still a valid and viable need to maximize the potential of your site by working to get it at the top of search engines. The big ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo take time and effort.

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