Verification Services

We’ve got you covered. When it comes to making sure you are talking to real people and not some scam artist or phishing site, we are here to help. If you are a call center and want your prospective clients to have complete confidence in your services, you may want to contact us

Why Verify?

You see, we don’t just protect them, we protect you by making sure you are clear about the call and what you are being offered. Also, we give you the confidence that you are not dealing with some phishing site or scammer in the marketplace. There are plenty of those out there. We are a third party verifier designed to make sure you are safe.  

Why verify my information?

We are making sure that the call center is contacting who they are supposed to and that they are giving you the information they are supposed to, including a description of the product or service as well as a disclaimer letting you know your rights and how the company will communicate with you.  

Why is the call recorded?

If you didn’t agree with something, then we are going to know about it or we are going to terminate the call. Recording calls is for the protection of all parties involved in addition to helping us make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.   

I don’t agree, but I still want the information

Unfortunately, if you don’t consent to the terms of the call, we can’t continue. This is designed as a protection for all parties involved. If you are not clear, we are happy to answer any questions, but if you don’t consent to the terms, we don’t have a choice and there are no exceptions.   

What we don’t ask for

We will NEVER ask for birthday, Social Security Number, passwords, logins or other sensitive information. Depending on the call requirements, we may verify an age range or similar information. If a representative from either the calling center or our company asks you for sensitive information, please do not provide the information and report it immediately to