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It used to be that hackers would only work to access sites if it made sense. Website Security was almost not even necessary. Now, with all the automated tools, the moment your site goes online, it is under attack. If you are not proactive from day one, regardless of the size of your business, it is not a matter of if you will get hacked. It is a matter of when.

The day you launch your site should be cause for celebration. For many CMS sites that have no website security however, there are listeners out there just waiting for you to come online. Hackers are constantly pinging for new sites so they can start testing automated logins, begin penetration probing and seeing what holes they can find.

Is My Business Vulnerable

Then you say, “Why me?”. You are a VSB just starting out and don’t have anything that they would want, but that isn’t true. You have a roadmap into larger systems. As people signup for your site, they are providing a username (typically an email) and a password that they will use across many different sites. Those other sites are the real target. So then why are they coming after you – the new guy? Because you do not have any real website security. You are easy to break into and you will not even know the hacker is there.

They will wait patiently to start scanning the people you sign up and either using their information now or saving it for the future. Hacking has become big business. In fact, cybersecurity events are slated to cause $6 trillion in damages by the year 2020. That is trillion with a “t” and whenever there is a “t” involved, it translates to hacking as a mainstream business. There is no business and no website that is off limits. Any form of website security will help, but until you truly know what you are dealing with, you will not be protected.

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What Does Website Security Really Mean?

What does all this mean with regard to website security in the VSB and the SMB? It means that ProShark is here to help you make and keep your website safe from harm without charging an arm and a leg to do it. From basic website security review to penetration testing and detailed report, we are here to keep you safe.

Whether you are an enterprise organization looking to shore up your downline or if you are a VSB or SMB working to harden against vulnerabilities, ProShark is here to help. Complete our brief Network Assessment form and we will send you a quote designed specifically for your network and needs. If you prefer, you can speak with a security specialist who will help you determine the correct course of action.

Additionally, take a look at our Website Security section for a more detailed look at vulnerabilities in your online presence. Also, review our VSB, SMB or Enterprise recommendations for cybersecurity information specific to business size.

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