Marketing, Development & Security

These have always been treated as separate components, but when you think about it, each of these impacts the other. So what better way to make sure your site is secure than by implementing for security?

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Your Very Own Marketing Agency

We always think of marketing agencies as being reserved for huge companies. It is about time Main Street had a choice. Now you can have your own direct source digital marketing agency.

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CyberSecurity is Serious Business

With a projected cost to business of over $6 trillion by the year 2021, Always working to be a step ahead, cyber criminals continually hunt for vulnerabilities. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity keeps you protected.

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SEO & Tools for the Serious Marketer

Let's face it, there are a bajillion SEO providers in the marketplace, but who do you trust? SEO is not magic. It is hard work and consistent effort to continually fine-tune your website to produce results.

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Email Marketing

Email has always been and will be, at least for the foreseeable future, the best marketing platform for ROI and results out there. We offer a full range of email products, platforms and services.

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Become a ProShark Partner

Love what we do? Want to offer more services? Ask us about becoming a ProShark Partner where you can expand your services without expanding your overhead - and we do all the work.

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Intelligent Digital Solutions

What We Do

ProShark is a digital solutions agency geared to providing intelligent marketing, development and cybersecurity services. In other words, we supply branded, white label or reseller Digital Marketing, Development and CyberSecurity services to other marketing agencies and we supply direct digital services for individuals and organizations. What this means is that, as an agency, you can offer full-service Digital Solutions while building your own brand. As a company, you will receive premium digital services to drive your growth and protect your assets.

Digital Marketing / Development

We handle all of your Internet needs under one roof. This includes Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Media Services, Email services such as Volume Sending, List and Campaign Management. We also provide Sales Funnel Development / Implementation and a full suite of Video & Media Production Services.


Finally, we have put together a team of CyberSecurity experts who can help you identify threats and defend against activity that can cost you your business. Whether you want to know it or not, cybersecurity is a real threat affecting businesses of all sizes from mom & pop (VSB - Very Small Business) through enterprise corporations and everything in between. In fact, cybercrime will cost businesses in excess of $6 trillion by the year 2021. That is a conservative estimate. If you are an SMB (Small to Medium sized Business), there is a greater than 90% chance that a data breach will put you out of business. For Enterprise business, even with your own CyberSecurity team, you are exposed through your supply chain. Let us help you determine your vulnerabilities.

Our goal is simple - drive results for our clients and protect our clients. We deliver the tools you need to grow your business and we give you the tools you need to stay in business. Whatever your digital marketing, development or cybersecurity needs, ProShark is there to deliver. We demand excellence and strive for no less than 100% client satisfaction.

At ProShark, we know you have a choice and we want that choice to be us. We consider ourselves partners in your business and will make every effort to help you succeed.